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MAGICRACK, A Non-Explosive Silent Demolition Agent, stands as the ultimate solution for precision in Rock Breaking, Stone Quarrying, Granite and Marble Quarrying, Mining, Concrete Demolition, Excavations, and more. It surpasses traditional methods, offering safety, environmental friendliness, and a compelling alternative to explosives.


For easy and targeted demolition of rock, stone & concrete.

MAGICRACK stands as an unparalleled solution in the realm of demolition agents, offering an explosive-free alternative that ensures both safety and precision. Engineered to facilitate a secure and tremor-free breakup of rock, stone, and concrete, MAGICRACK revolutionizes the demolition landscape without the need for intricate preconditions or specialized infrastructure.


Distinguishing itself with an impressive shelf life of at least 2 years, MAGICRACK adds a layer of reliability to demolition projects. Its versatility extends to being easily transportable via parcel, simplifying logistical considerations for users.


What truly sets MAGICRACK apart is its remarkable efficiency. Within a few short hours of application, MAGICRACK undergoes a transformative reaction, unleashing a formidable expansion pressure. This pressure swiftly reaches levels capable of effortlessly splitting apart even the most resilient hard rock and ferroconcrete, showcasing the product's unparalleled strength and effectiveness.


MAGICRACK goes beyond the ordinary, rewriting the narrative of traditional blasting methods. It accomplishes its task in near silence, devoid of tremors, and without generating hazardous flying fragments. This unique approach not only ensures a safer working environment but also aligns with a commitment to environmentally conscious demolition practices.


In a world where precision and safety are paramount, MAGICRACK emerges as a game-changer, providing a noiseless, tremor-free, and debris-free solution that redefines the standards of controlled demolition.


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